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                                                        We work directly with international NGO’s filling the needs of that country but that do not a have a clothing component to offer the children they serve.  We are looking to empower those already on the ground treating the needs of the children. Participating in global missions we have seen the dire need in helping the most vulnerable, the children.



What We Do

Where We Go

We deliver clothing to children in need around the world. Our focus is on having a direct effect on the well being of the youth in impoverished countries. As well as our local contributions in the states. Welfare Vision is our Nepali Distributor starting 2019. We look forward to expanding our outreach to continually servicing countries in need and those hit by disasters. 

We rely on private gifts to continue our mission in Clothing The Children.

Who We Clothe

We clothe children from many difficult backgrounds. Extreme weather leaves many susceptible to harsh environmental conditions. By spreading awareness and educating to others about the local and international crisis kids face daily and what we can do to help alleviate some of the hardships by Clothing The Children. 


 CTC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Gifts may be tax-deductible.
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